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‘the bomb’ Will Debut On Netflix Worldwide On August 1st

Score Written And Performed By The Acid

Following triumphant screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, and at the Glastonbury Festival, the bomb — funded in part by Ploughshares Fund — makes its Netflix worldwide debut on August 1st.

Watch the trailer, above.

Through this new platform, Netflix, the bomb will engage millions more world-wide, reaching outside of the city center and away from technology hubs, broadening the network of those aware of the threat of nuclear weapons and deepening the conversation throughout society.

It's now available on three platforms,  iTunesVimeo and Amazon and will be on Netflix starting August 1.

What is the bomb? the bomb is an experimental, music-driven film that looks at the strange and compelling world of nuclear weapons, and has been hailed by critics:

"A stunning avant-garde approach to a plea for nuclear disarmament...unique and dazzling."
                            Entertainment Weekly

"An abstract wonder and a literal nightmare: a dazzling view into the abyss."
                            The New York Observer

"Thrilling...The footage of blasts is, as you can imagine, absolutely top-notch. Some of it is so spectacular, so trippy, so ridiculous, I was convinced it was fake."


"Scarier than any horror picture released in the past year, the bomb renders a hot-button controversy with terrible beauty and haunting audiovisual novelty.

"Mesmerizing, stunning, building to a powerful, touching conclusion that magically stopped the audience cold in its tracks.”
                            The Film Stage

"It’s da bomb.”
                            Hollywood Reporter

At the bomb’s Tribeca and Glastonbury performances, the film was shown as an installation, on massive 360-degree screens that completely surrounded the audience, while The Acid played the soundtrack live. At the Berlin Film Festival, the film was shown on a single screen at one of the largest theaters in the city, while The Acid performed the score in the orchestra pit. Upcoming live performances of the bomb will be staged in London, Sydney, and Los Angeles, with a world tour to follow in 2018.

For the last 35 years Ploughshares Fund has sought out and funded the best minds and activities — nuclear scientists, policymakers, grassroots activists, creatives and innovators — to make sure nuclear weapons are never used again. Please help us continue to support new, cutting edge projects like the bomb, to educate as many people as we can about the existential threat that nuclear weapons continue to pose to the planet, and to humankind.


Watch the trailer and learn more about the bomb.

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