Our Grantees

Ploughshares Fund is committed to investing in the smartest people with the best ideas to mitigate and ultimately eliminate the threats posed by nuclear weapons, and build a more peaceful future. Our grantees are on the cutting edge, developing fresh, innovative strategies to promote peace and security and create a world in which nuclear weapons are never used again. A full list of our grantees can be found in our Annual Report.

Ploughshares Fund amplifies and coordinates the work of our grantees to:

  • Develop winning strategies that push forward the vision of a world without nuclear weapons
  • Bring together experts, analysts, lobbyists and activists to create and win shared campaigns
  • Build a bipartisan legislative consensus for eliminating nuclear weapons
  • Expand the public’s knowledge and catalyze public support for the elimination of nuclear weapons

We give grants that:

Promote the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

Today, nine countries hold over 15,000 nuclear weapons. Ploughshares Fund brings together experts, analysts, lobbyists and activists to create innovative strategies for increasing the momentum toward zero. Our grantees, including the Federation of American Scientists, Arms Control Association, Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) at Stanford University, and Brookings Institution, work to develop bold proposals for independent US nuclear reductions, including stopping the planned $1 trillion effort to rebuild the US nuclear arsenal, help maintain cooperative work with Russia on nuclear stability and reductions, and create space for reductions by other nuclear powers .

Prevent the Emergence of New Nuclear States.

As we eliminate nuclear weapons, we must simultaneously stop their spread. Ploughshares Fund ran a successful five-year campaign comprising a coalition of over 200 experts and advocates, and 85 independent organizations dedicated to stopping Iran from building a nuclear bomb.. Today, we are working with many of our grantees and partners to protect and sustain the historic nuclear deal. Our grantees have spanned the political spectrum and include policy analysts, advocacy experts, and media professions. Council for a Livable World, Center for a New American Security, J Street, Win Without War, and Stimson Center are just a few organizations who have played a critical role in helping ensure a diplomatic solution to the Iran nuclear crisis. Our grantees at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation and Johns Hopkins University’s US-Korea Institute are highly respected experts who lead efforts to roll back the North Korean nuclear program.

Build Regional Peace and Security.

In South Asia, the threats of nuclear weapons, terrorism and conflict converge, making it perhaps the most dangerous nuclear-armed region on Earth. Our grantees lead targeted efforts to build civil-society engagement and drive grassroots solutions to complex social problems, driving the regional security conditions necessary for South Asia to reduce their nuclear arsenals, primarily in India and Pakistan. Ploughshares Fund supports respected organizations like the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center, America Abroad Media, and the International Crisis Group. Together, our grantees work to develop and implement effective initiatives to create stability in regions of conflict, reducing nuclear risks and promoting peace and security.

For a full list of grantees, see our Annual Report.

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