Joe Cirincione

The Presidential Vision Fund

Honoring Joe Cirincione and forging a new American nuclear policy

For nearly 40 years, Ploughshares Fund has been working to reduce global nuclear arsenals, convince countries to give up their nuclear weapons and support the best analysts and activists in the world. In 2008, following the passing of our founder Sally Lilienthal, Joe Cirincione became only the second president of Ploughshares Fund.


During his 12 years at the helm, Joe has reshaped Ploughshares Fund, quadrupling its budgets, growing its staff and trans­forming the organization into a major force in the field and in Washington. Under his leadership we achieved the New START Treaty. We built the coalition that helped secure the historic Iran anti-nuclear agreement. And we established Ploughshares Fund as more than just a foundation—as a catalyst, a convener, and an influential leader on nuclear policy.

Please help us honor Joe’s remarkable legacy to Ploughshares Fund and the nuclear field with a special gift to the Presidential Vision Fund. With your support, our goal is to raise $500,000 in surge capacity to build and implement a new nuclear policy.

We believe that over the next two years, with smart, focused investments, we can significantly influence the next American president, guide congressional action and lay the foundation for a new nuclear policy. Even in the face of COVID-19, there are new opportunities emerging to rethink national security, redefine what it means to be secure, and reprioritize our government spending.

But we can’t support this new effort and existing efforts at the same time without additional funds. In addition to our core grantee experts and organizations, we must invest in and catalyze new approaches and leaders. We must challenge the dominant thinking that created this existential threat in the first place. And we must find new ways to create more just, inclusive and peace-oriented policies.

We hope you will add your voice to those below and honor Joe by designating a gift to the Presidential Vision Fund. Help us take advantage of this once in a decade policy window to reset nuclear policy and bring us closer to a safer, saner nuclear-free world.

“Throughout his time at Ploughshares Fund and his decades of nuclear policy leadership, Joe Cirincione has raised up progressive foreign policy voices and made the world a safer place. He's an irreplaceable force, but I look forward to his next chapter leading the movement for peace.”

—Senator Ed Markey (D-MA)

“Joe Cirincione’s leadership, knowledge and talents have sustained the nuclear disarmament cause and Ploughshares for decades. We as individuals, citizens of the United States and members of the human race, all are in his debt.”

—David and Diane Buck, Milwaukee, WI

“Thanks, Joe, for your years of dedicated energy, astute analyses in a turbulent world, good humor, and belief in a safer, better world — all channeling the spirit of Sally Lilienthal.”

– Robert and Marcia Popper, San Francisco, CA

“So grateful for the vision, friendship, leadership, and passion that Joe has delivered through these many years, which for me dates back to 1994! Joe you will be missed!”

—Daryl Kimball, Arms Control Association

“For years Joe Cirincione has played a central role in confronting the greatest existential threat that we now face: nuclear weapons. His leadership on this issue has been invaluable.”

—Eric Schlosser, Sundance, UT


Photo: Joe Cirincione at Chain Reaction 2019: A New Moment. Arthur Kobin for Drew Altizer Photography