Ploughshares Fund Annual Report 2010

Two years ago, we told you that this was our moment to transform nuclear weapons policy and make the world safer. We seized the opportunity and got to work. Ploughshares Fund has been at the forefront of the nuclear policy fight - providing the leadership and investment necessary to build momentum behind America’s new nuclear security agenda.

Our investment is paying off. Last year, we saw a global summit to reduce the risk of nuclear terrorism, new policies to reduce the roles and numbers of U.S. nuclear weapons, and outspoken leadership from former senior officials and retired military officials joining the growing bipartisan consensus to shrink global nuclear arsenals and stop the spread of nuclear weapons. And, that's only the short list.

We’re particularly proud to say that Ploughshares Fund was instrumental in securing the passage of the New Start treaty – which the Senate recently approved.

A review of our achievements and more can be found in this year’s Annual Report, themed Momentum. View it below or download a full copy (PDF).