300 Days Without Verification... and Counting.

October 1st marks 18 years since the U.S. Senate approved the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.  It also marks the 300th day since that treaty expired, cutting off US weapons inspectors’ access to Russian nuclear sites.  


The New START treaty, once ratified, will restore and improve upon the United States' ability to inspect Russia's weapons.  The treaty has been under Senate consideration since May 15th.  Every day that goes by between now and the treaty's ratification is another day in which the U.S. loses insight into Russia's nuclear arsenal.

As Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller said, "U.S. knowledge of Russian nuclear forces will substantially erode over time if the treaty is not ratified and brought into force, increasing the risk of misunderstandings, mistrust, and worst-case analysis and policymaking."

The Senate needs to put aside partisan politics and quickly ratify New START to restore the critical inspections of Russia's nuclear forces.