Joe Cirincione discusses the North Korean situation on BBC World News 4/26/17

Joe Cirincione discusses the North Korea situation

BBC World News, aired on April 26, 2017

The Trump Administration has still failed to define a coherent approach to dealing with North Korea's missile tests and budding nuclear weapons program. President Donald Trump has recently signaled that his administation would be willing to talk with North Korea, but Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's initial assertion that 'all options' were on the table when dealing with the North Koreans implied that the adminstration would seriously consider a military option.

On this recent BBC World News appearance, Ploughshares Fund president Joe Cirincione details the sobering implications of a potential military strike against North Korea, and how this could exacerbate the threat of nuclear war.

"You fire a missile into North Korea, and they will fire back." - Joe @Cirincione on @BBCWorld.

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