An Immense Loss – Jonathan Schell

Ploughshares Fund is sad to learn of the passing of Jonathan Schell. Jonathan was an inspiration. With his passing the nation has lost a strong voice for democracy.

Jonathan inspired and empowered through his life-long dedication to providing an unequivocal moral compass during the nuclear age. His written works, most notably The Fate of the Earth and The Gift of Time, inspired many to take part in the arm control community. Jonathan provided a powerful and cogent case for abolishing nuclear weapons grounded in the realities of history and strategy. Nonetheless, his arguments found their roots in our humanity. As a funder, are proud to have supported his work as a writer and speaker on nuclear weapons issues. As colleagues, we are honored to have known him and called him friend.

We ask that everyone join us in remembering Jonathan. In tribute to his memory, we will carry motivation and inspiration from his unwavering commitment to removing the threat of nuclear weapons from the Earth.