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50 Ways to Stay Engaged to Prevent Nuclear War At Home

You can prevent nuclear war.

While most of us are hunkering down for a long period of physical isolation, we also understand that this is an act of collective solidarity, with our communities and neighbors who are most at risk. That same respect for human life is what drives our collective work to create a safer, saner future free from the threat of nuclear weapons. In the face of all that you can’t do right now, we offer a few things you can do, virtually and with a mission.

  1. Subscribe to Ploughshares Fund email newsletter. Stay informed with the latest news and updates about how you can prevent nuclear war. 
  2. Subscribe to our podcast Press the Button. A new episode of Press the Button is available every Tuesday, and the first 50 episodes are available today.
  3. Subscribe to related podcasts such as Things That Go Boom, Deep State Radio, and Nukes of Hazard from the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.
  4. Take the 19th US secretary of defense William J. Perry’s free online course on nuclear weapons from Stanford University.
  5. The Quincy Institute is a new grantee. Read Quincy experts and restraint-oriented analysts’ commentary on regional challenges facing the US, and investigative articles exploring the forces pushing for “maximum pressure,” regime change campaigns, and a militarist US foreign policy on the Quincy Institute’s responsiblestatecraft.org.
  6. Explore Alex Wellerstein's Nukemap, an interactive tool showing the power of nuclear weapons.
  7. Subscribe to Arms Control Today, the monthly subscription journal of the Arms Control Association.
  8. Read nuclear weapons fact sheets and issue briefs from the Arms Control Association.
  9. See which Congressional candidates are slated to be champions for nuclear arms control on Council for a Livable World's list of endorsees
  10. Join Beyond the Bomb, the International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)Women's Action for New Direction (WAND) and/or other groups are working for meaningful local, national and international activism against nuclear weapons. 
  11. Visit and follow Women’s Actions for New Directions (WAND).
  12. Learn about organizations involved in the United Against Nuclear War campaign from WAND.
  13. Subscribe to J Street’s daily roundup of Middle East news, including Iran. 
  14. Explore nuclear weapons issues through the lens of the valuable perspective women bring to peace and security, and their unique experience of the threat of global nuclear violence. You might begin with this inspiring and informed article in Teen Vogue.
  15. Listen to Podcast 16: Promoting a Diverse Perspective on Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation by Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security.
  16. Watch the bomb on Netflix.
  17. Follow our grantees and other experts on Twitter.
  18. The president of Ploughshares Fund has written 3 books on nuclear weapons. Learn about the books on Amazon and order them from where you’d like.
  19. Read more books about nuclear weapons! Here are 11 diverse recent warnings and classics.
  20. Learn about Japanese Peace Lantern Ceremonies on or near August 6th and 9th.
  21. Subscribe to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists email newsletter.
  22. Subscribe to ReThink Media’s daily email, "AM Nukes Roundup." 
  23. Follow Ploughshares Fund on FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn.
  24. Learn about taking nuclear weapons off of hair-trigger alert from the Union of Concerned Scientists.
  25. Learn about establishing Congressional control over the first use of nuclear weapons, aka "restricting first-use."
  26. Learn about establishing a declaratory US No First-Use policy.
  27. Look for public statements made by your local politicians on nuclear weapons and call or write to them to take action on local and national legislation.
  28. Read a campaigners guide to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
  29. Learn about our annual gala, Chain Reaction in San Francisco.
  30. In Chicago, learn about the many events put on by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which you can go to when it is safe. Not now.
  31. Visit Foreign Policy Generation’s website, a product of the Ploughshares Fund Women’s Initiative, for policy recommendations from emerging young people that recognize the clear intersection between foreign and domestic policy.
  32. Visit Lilly Adams’ Nuclear Voices website to learn more about nuclear frontline communities. This is another a product of the Ploughshares Fund Women’s Initiative.
  33. Listen to our Spotify playlist of songs concerning nuclear weapons, effects of nuclear weapons use, and/or dangers of nuclear war.
  34. Watch popular movies on the subject.
  35. Read Global Zero's alternative Nuclear Posture Review, "The End of Nuclear Warfighting: Moving to a Deterrence-Only Posture."
  36. Follow Melissa Hanham's list of women in national security on Twitter.
  37. Visit Outrider Foundation's page on nuclear weapons.
  38. Learn about North Korea's external relations. Presented by the National Committee on North Korea, in collaboration with the East-West Center.
  39. Read the Center for Feminist Foreign Policy's brief: A Gender Lens on Nuclear Disarmament.
  40. Read timely, engaging analysis on nuclear issues from Inkstick Media.
  41. Follow the Friends Committee on National Legislation for updates and resources regarding nuclear weapons.
  42. Keep track of nuclear risks as reported by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.
  43. Read about efforts to make peace a relevant cause for millennials. Written by Genevieve Boutilier of the Peace and Security Funders Group.
  44. Keep track of foreign and domestic policy initiatives by Vet Voice Foundation.
  45. Read the latest analysis on US Iran policy, war and diplomacy from National Iranian American Council.
  46. Immerse yourself in the Federation of American Scientists' Nuclear Information Project.
  47. Stay updated on the world's nuclear weapons stockpile via the FAS Nuclear Notebook.
  48. Learn about peace, security and diplomacy on the Korean peninsula via Korean Americans in Action
  49. Learn about Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility and their statewide coalition against nuclear weapons.
  50. And of course, consider giving to Ploughshares Fund. Give monthly or a one-time gift.

You can help prevent nuclear war. Stay engaged.

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