North Korea factsheets

Heightened tensions are bringing us closer to a war in Northeast Asia, where we should instead be building bridges toward peace and security. United States foreign policy on the Korean Peninsula seems increasingly driven by escalatory rhetoric and threats rather than any sort of strategic vision.

To address this problem, Catherine Killough and the policy team at Ploughshares Fund have begun creating a series of factsheets for the media, policy makers, and activists. These resources are intended to correct the dangerous misperceptions that undermine efforts to resolve the North Korea crisis through diplomacy.

Read the latest factsheets on Paths to a Peaceful Resolution to the North Korea Crisis

  • Factsheet: Singapore Summit

    On June 12, 2018, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will hold an historic summit in Singapore. The summit, first announced in March, was temporarily canceled by...

    June 7, 2018 - By Catherine Killough
  • Factsheet: The 2018 Inter-Korean Summit

    On April 27, 2018, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in will meet for the first time. It will be the third inter-Korean summit in Korean history and the first to occur in South Korea. The summit comes amid a detente on the Korean peninsula that began with the...

    April 20, 2018 - By Catherine Killough
  • Factsheet: History of US Negotiations with North Korea, 1992-Present

    At the end of the Cold War, President George H.W. Bush authorized the withdrawal of most US tactical nuclear weapons deployed abroad, including approximately 100 nuclear weapons based in South Korea (September 1991). Shortly after, the two Koreas signed the South-North Joint Declaration on the...

    November 2, 2017 - By Catherine Killough
  • Factsheet: US-ROK Military Exercises

    President Trump, responding to questions about what security assurances he would give North Korea following the historic Singapore Summit, said “We will be stopping the war games.” The announcement has reignited a debate...

    October 11, 2017 - By Catherine Killough