A New Vision - Special Acknowledgements

Ploughshares Fund’s Women’s Initiative network is helping to grow a movement of nuclear experts, activists, policymakers, scholars and funders that is transforming thinking and advancing policy in the peace and security sectors. It’s generating and popularizing more honest narratives about security writ large and tackling the unproductive divide between grassroots efforts and capital “P” politics. It’s helping to promote new strategies, analyses and policies needed to address current and future security challenges. It’s broadening the prevailing notion of who determines the security and sustainability of humankind and the planet.

We are grateful to the funding partners who made this report possible and for their thoughtful, instructive and oftentimes delightful partnership and support during the production of this report:

Our Secure Future (OSF) – A program of One Earth Future, OSF believes that women make the crucial difference in achieving more effective governance and lasting peace. OSF aims to strengthen the Women, Peace and Security movement by amplifying women’s voices, strengthening the global network of women peacebuilders, and promoting committed action by multiple stakeholders to turn policy into practice.

Compton Foundation – A private family foundation inspiring action toward a more peaceful, just and sustainable future. Recognizing that to create a positive future will require innovative ways of naming problems as well as new methods for collaborating to solve them, the Foundation supports transformative leadership and courageous storytelling.

Rockefeller Brothers Fund – A private family foundation helping to advance social change that contributes to a more just, sustainable and peaceful world. Through its grantmaking, the Fund supports efforts to expand knowledge, clarify values and critical choices, nurture creative expression and shape public policy.

And a final acknowledgement to Ploughshares Fund founder Sally Lilienthal, a woman with the determination not just to do the right things for peace and justice, but to persuade, cajole and enable others to find the best in themselves to do right and work toward “peace for perpetuity.” Her legacy drives us forward.