Still Need a Mother's Day Gift?

Mother’s Day is two days away. Have you gotten something out for all of the mothers on your list?

Instead of rushing out at the last minute and picking out something in a panic, consider giving mom something that truly makes a difference: a donation to peace and disarmament in her name.

Sound strange? You’ll actually be helping to reclaim the original intention of the holiday. Created after the Civil War by Julia Ward Howe, Mother’s Day was meant to be a day for mothers to join together and take a stance against violence and the terror of warfare. We’ve lost that sentiment over the years, but Ploughshares Fund’s Mother’s Day for Peace campaign is a way to remind us of the original meaning of Mother’s Day. Before it became a day about chocolates, flowers, and brunch, Mother’s Day was a time to focus on making the world a better place for generations to come.

So save yourself a trip to the mall and support peace in honor of a mother you love. A donation to Ploughshares Fund is the perfect last-minute gift for any mother in your life. And, she’ll get a beautiful e-card letting her know of your gift.

Today, nuclear weapons represent one of our greatest national security threats. The need for peaceful solutions is greater than ever—and so is the need for Mother’s Day for Peace.