Ploughshares Fund

Ploughshares Fund statement on Capitol assault

This was an attack on democracy and an affront to our values.

January 7, 2021

Like so many in this country and around the world, Ploughshares Fund is outraged at yesterday’s storming of the United States Capitol and assault on the country’s democratic process.

As a foundation committed to peace, security, and justice, we view this as an attack on democracy and an affront to our values. This insurrection was a blatant demonstration of the use of violence, militarism, and racism that Ploughshares Fund seeks to end. We condemn the president’s and his supporters’ incitement of violence to circumvent the rule of law and impose the will of the few, and we call for them to be held accountable.

We are heartened that the confirmation process prevailed, and we call for a peaceful transition of power on January 20. Ploughshares Fund will continue to work with the many inspiring individuals and organizations already leading the way to build a peaceful world that is free from violence, militarism, and racism – including the threat and use of nuclear weapons – where everyone’s right to a safe and secure future is protected.