Ploughshares Fund Grantees Listed Among Top Think Tanks in the World

This week the University of Pennsylvania published a list of the best think tanks of 2010. These “Go-To Think Tanks” are the leading public policy research organizations in the world and the list is rife with Ploughshares Fund grantees.

Grantees mentioned include: the Brookings Institution, CATO, the Center for American Progress, the Stimson Center, the Atlantic Council, the EastWest Institute, International Crisis Group, New America Foundation, Institute of Strategic and International Studies, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Ploughshares Fund has supported work at all of these institutions as each has taken its own unique path to the top.

International Crisis Group was formed in 1995 in response to government failures to recognize and respond to genocide and regional violence in vulnerable corners of the world. IGC was listed among the top 25 think tanks in Western Europe.

The EastWest Institute was founded during the Cold War with the goal of decreasing tensions across the Iron Curtain. Today they work to bridge ties between conflicting parties and steer the world towards peace. EWI was listed among the top 50 think tanks in the United States.

The Institute of Strategic and International Studies was founded in 1983 in Malaysia. It now specializes in nation-building initiatives in East Asia. ISIS was listed among the top 25 think tanks in Asia.

And, named ‘Think Tank of the Year’ and ranked in the study as the best global affairs think tank in the world, The Brookings Institution is an elite research institute that works to strengthen American democracy and facilitate a prosperous and cooperative international system. 

Ploughshares Fund is proud to support the achievements of all of these influential institutions and congratulates them on being named among the world’s elite public policy organizations.