Obamacare meets National Security?

Today's Supreme Court ruling upholding Obama's health care law is good news for the uninsured. But it's also good news for foreign policy. How, you ask? Joe Cirincione gives a great answer today on Huffington Post

Obama's victory on new health care security for the American people could give him the encouragement and political space he needs to give the nation a more rational nuclear security policy.

The connection lies in other nations' perceptions of Obama's influence and ability to move domestic policy. Says Joe: 

We often look at the presidents of other nations and judge them as strong or weak depending on their support domestically. Are they on their way out or are they firmly in control? Other nations do the same to us. President Obama was getting a reputation as a leader that did not have the support of his own people; that could not deliver on his promises. Leaders in other nations saw Obama fiercely attacked every day by a vocal opposition. They judged his political future to be very much in doubt. They were visibly beginning to hedge their bets.

Today's health care ruling removes those doubts, and gives greater confidence to Obama's political team, who may now be willing to take a few national security risks knowing that Obama's signature policy win is legally secure. 

Read Joe's full argument on Huffington Post, and let us know what you think. 

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