Moms Drop Truth Bombs

Moms Drop Truth Bombs

a Conversation on Motherhood in the Nuclear Age

Women and mothers have been protesting, advocating and leading nuclear disarmament movements and initiatives for decades, all across the globe. Ploughshares Fund is celebrating this Mother’s Day with a panel of women who are, each in her own way, trying to leave a legacy of a non-nuclearized world for our kids and grandkids. Join us on Monday, May 10 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET for Moms Drop Truth Bombs: A Conversation on Motherhood in the Nuclear Age, the 2nd annual Women's Initiative event.


For this virtual event, we’ve asked a few of our favorite mothers working for peace and security to drop a few "truth bombs" they’ve discovered along the way that will ensure that nuclear weapons are never used again. Our speakers include:

On May 10, you can meet moms who are changemakers and who inspire and mobilize others to be effective advocates and activists. Beyond your generous donations that support the work of Ploughshares Fund, join us and learn about a number of ways you can join #momsdroptruthbombs — it's all about small actions with big impacts!

If you can't attend the event, consider making a Mother's Day Gift of Peace. You can donate in honor of mothers, someone who mothered you and/or someone who made you feel safe. Make any size donation and we'll send a Mother's Day email card with a personalized message to the recipient of your choice!

With your generous support, we can ensure that women’s agency, voice, and capacity inform all decisions about one of the greatest existential threats to the lives of our next generations – wherever they are made.