Greater Impact, Greater Presence

We are very proud to be launching a new website today.

Our new site comes at an exciting time. Ploughshares Fund is revving up strategic campaigns to reduce the nuclear weapons budget, accelerate cuts in U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals, and promote a diplomatic resolution to Iran’s nuclear program. We are also amplifying our work to promote stability in South Asia, roll back North Korea’s nuclear program, and promote the vision of a nuclear weapon-free world.

These campaigns will be implemented by using our new model of impact philanthropy, meaning that throughout each campaign, we will leverage the investments we make as a traditional grantmaker with hands-on leadership and convening, making the good work of our grantees even better. We will complement these efforts by developing new policy ideas, advocating for them, and promoting them in the media. That is how Ploughshares Fund plans to drive policy toward the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.

This website is specifically designed to provide you with a window into this work.

Highlights include:

  • Our dynamic blog is structured to give updates and analysis on the latest issues we’re facing in our campaign areas. It will also highlight the voices of our grantees, experts and donors through guest posts and profiles.
  • The new Early Warning, offers a curated daily news summary from the desk of Joe Cirincione. Sign up to get the most important nuclear policy news delivered to your inbox each day.
  • A direct link to our new and improved World Nuclear Stockpile Report, an up-to-date accounting of the world’s nuclear weapons detailing where the weapons are and who holds them. Featured profiles of our grantees and our board members are scattered throughout the site.

Ploughshares Fund has often served as one of the centers of gravity for the nuclear policy community. It is our hope that this site can serve that purpose, providing a centralized place of conversation for our donors, our grantees and other interested individuals. 

Please visit often, add us to your RSS feeds and leave comments throughout the site. We look forward to hearing from you.