Day #6: 100% of Your Money Goes to our Programs

From the very first moment that Ploughshares Fund was founded, we understood that people don’t want to fund paperclips, they want to fund peace. That’s why every dollar you donate goes directly to our grantmaking program, with nothing subtracted for administrative or overhead costs. That means your contribution funds a carefully selected set of grants to the smartest people with the best ideas for effective nuclear weapons policy, all with the shared goal of eliminating nuclear weapons.

When you give to Ploughshares Fund, you can be confident that every dime goes directly to support important initiatives like the analysis and oversight of the defense budget, the convening of US and Russian military leaders, and peace training programs in Pakistan. With your help, we supported groups that played an integral role in the passage of the New START treaty last year by mobilizing public support, conducting research, and working with members of Congress. You can be assured that your entire donation is always being used to further our cause. That will never change.

So what about our paperclips? We do still have them, but the paperclips (and all other administrative costs) at Ploughshares Fund are generously paid for by direct contributions from our board of directors and judicious draws from our endowment.

Our transparent spending is reflected in our 4-star Charity Navigator rating, the highest possible for a non-profit organization. This score is based on our accountability, transparency, and financial discipline. A donation to Ploughshares Fund is a step toward a safer world, 100% of the time.