North Korea missile launch, undated, KCNA

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Please consider starting a small monthly gift today.

Your right to a safe and secure future, free from the threat of nuclear weapons, is under attack.

Are you concerned about the risks posed by nuclear weapons? Are you concerned that President Trump has his hands on the nuclear codes, and with them ability to order the launch of nuclear weapons in just minutes with no checks and balances in place… but don’t know how to take effective action? 

We are concerned too. For as little as $5/month you can join us in our fight to reduce and eliminate nuclear weapons threats during the Trump administration

For the last 36 years we’ve sought out and funded the best minds and activities – nuclear scientists, policymakers, grassroots activists and creative innovators working to make sure nuclear weapons are never used again.

In the most disastrous decision of his presidency, Trump violated the terms of the Iran anti-nuclear agreement. He is re-imposing sanctions on nations, including key allies, who do any business with Iran. Despite our best efforts, under this sort of pressure the deal could rapidly collapse. Iran may restart its nuclear program and the risk of war in the Middle East could rise. There is no plan for a replacement or for new talks. Instead, only growing tensions in the Middle East and a widening split in the Western Alliance.

But we cannot give up. We must stand together and support those individuals and organizations who are working tirelessly to resist these dangerous new policies and to keep us safe from nuclear threats.

Ploughshares Fund is doing just that. As the largest public foundation in the United States dedicated exclusively to the elimination of nuclear weapons, we act at the hub of the best and brightest to push for saner nuclear policies and reductions in arsenals worldwide.

We firmly believe that determined public pressure can make a difference and correct or reverse even the most outrageous policies.

Take a stand today. Please consider a small monthly gift to support the people and organizations who work day in and day out to preserve your right to a safe and secure future.

Your right to a safe, secure future, free from threat of nuclear weapons, is under attack.

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