Radio Provides Lifeline to Pakistanis Affected by Floods

In the northwest region of Pakistan, which has been devastated by dramatic floods, Ploughshares Fund grantee Internews is providing glimmers of hope to local residents.  Internews is working with local radio stations to ensure that journalists are able to provide more than 5 million people affected by the floods with critical information about flood damage and relief efforts.

“People are calling and asking for our reporters to come to them, because they know once their stories are heard they will get help,” says Fawad Ali, a local radio journalist.

Ali is part of an Internews initiative called Humanitarian Information Project (HIP), which provides crucial information to listeners in emergency situations.  The broadcasts also help local emergency responders learn more about people's immediate needs.

“I hear from humanitarian workers every day who listen to our reports and are encouraged by the fact that we are getting so much important information out to people,” says Shazia Gul, a media trainer currently in Swat, one of the most devastated areas.

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