Ploughshares, Grantees Respond to Nuclear Crisis in Japan

The crisis in Japan with its damaged nuclear reactors is evolving quickly.  From the beginning of the crisis, Ploughshares Fund and its grantees have been helping inform the media debate in the most prominent news outlets.  

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Recent Media Appearances

Ploughshares Fund President Joe Cirincione is providing exclusive commentary to ABC on the nuclear crisis in Japan.  On Wednesday, March 16, Joe talked joined World News with Diane Sawyer to discuss the potential risks of the radiation at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant:


Latest Analysis

Cirincione has also provided analysis to:


Ploughshares Fund Program Director Paul Carroll joined radio and television programs across the country to talk about the latest developments in Japan. On Wednesday, March 16, Paul talked with Fox News' Sean Hannity about the nuclear crisis: 

Paul has also provided commentary to:

Ploughshares Fund grantee, David Albright of the Institute for Science and International Security, discussed the nuclear crisis with Chuck Todd on MSNBC's The Daily Rundown:

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Sharon Squassoni of the Center for Strategic and International Studies analyzed the situation for CBS News: