Passing on the torch to the next generation

No one at Ploughshares Fund wanted to see Roger leave.

When Roger Hale stepped down as the Chair of the Board in June 2013 after serving for nearly a decade, it was very difficult for everyone at Ploughshares Fund to accept. During his time on the board he led a number of significant organizational changes that included decisions to streamline our funding areas and open a Washington, DC office.

Known to many as “Mr. Minneapolis,” Roger is a brilliant businessman, avid in all things political and a well-known philanthropist. He imparts his vision of leaving the world a better place than he found it with everyone who meets him. With Roger leaving the Board of Directors, we wanted to take the opportunity to recognize him by ensuring that his vision continues.

One of Roger’s biggest concerns is having the next generation to pick up the torch and continue the hard work of realizing Ploughshares Fund’s mission. In honor of Roger, Ploughshares Fund’s board of directors have established the Roger L. Hale Fellowship. The fellowship provides an exemplary individual with an outstanding opportunity to develop professional skills by working at a leading peace and security institution that has been at the forefront of nuclear nonproliferation policy, advocacy, and grantmaking for more than three decades. He/She will also have the privilege of having Roger as a mentor.

Current board members, former board members, current supporters of Ploughshares Fund who have been moved by Roger in one way or another, and Roger’s family and friends are contributing towards funding the establishment of this Fellowship. This in itself is a testament to the people who have been touched by Roger’s steadfast vision of a world without nuclear weapons.

The fellowship will continue Ploughshares Fund’s tradition of supporting the smartest people with the best ideas to help solve challenging nuclear security issues.  It is also a way to continue Roger’s legacy and commitment to the goal of eliminating nuclear weapons.

Ploughshares Fund’s extensive network within the nuclear nonproliferation community will place the Fellow into a unique position to gain practical day-to-day experience grappling with a wide variety of nuclear weapons policy issues. The Fellow may be based in either the San Francisco or Washington, DC office of Ploughshares Fund.

We asked Roger why he thought the fellowship was important. He told us, “The nuclear threat has changed over the years but still remains one of the most important in the world.  Dedicated research, enlightened political leadership, and engaged citizenry must all continue unabated until we rid the world of these terrible devices.” 

The details about the opportunity and how to apply are below.  Please feel free to share widely with people and place in your network.

For more information on the Roger L. Hale Fellowship, please visit our jobs page.

Photo by: Peter Fedewa