Looking Toward Peace in Kashmir

Putting the interests of the Kashmiri people at the forefront is an essential component of any efforts by India and Pakistan to build lasting peace in the conflict-ridden region. 

This is the critical finding of a new International Crisis Group report, Steps Towards Peace: Putting Kashmiris First.  In the report, Crisis Group, a Ploughshares Fund grantee, examines the key political, social and economic needs of the Kashmiri people that need to be addressed on both sides of the divided state.

“Since the Mumbai attacks by Pakistan-based militants in November 2008, tensions between the two neighbours have eclipsed Kashmiri hopes for political liberalisation and economic opportunity”, says Samina Ahmed, Crisis Group’s South Asia Project Director. “This atmosphere of hostility is undermining the progress that had been made in softening the borders that divide the Kashmiri people.”

The report provides specific recommendations that can be implemented by India and Pakistan build confidence and provide Kashmiris with increased political and economic opportunities.