Lessons Learned: Paul Olum Grant

Amplifying Critical Voices from the Former Administration
Last month our government handed over not only executive authority; it also lost eight years of institutional knowledge on nuclear security. It is critical to ensure nuclear policy expertise and the many lessons learned from the Obama Administration are not forgotten. 
As Ploughshares Fund’s third recipient of the Paul Olum grant, Jon Wolfsthal brings intimate insider expertise when it comes to President Obama’s 2009 Prague Agenda for a “world free of nuclear weapons.” Having served as the Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Arms Control and Nonproliferation on the National Security Council, Wolfsthal’s voice is helping us offer the Trump administration our best ideas — and oppose any policies that make our world less safe. He will work to engage incoming officials on nuclear strategy, offering insight into how best to move forward on US nuclear arms reductions. He will also inform the public through media interviews and by writing op-eds, and is helping Ploughshares organize a high-level public conference on these issues in Washington, DC.
“With so many issues, including the number and role of nuclear weapons, and policy toward Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and major US allies all hinging on US nuclear policy, it is critical that America lead in the right direction, for our own security and that of the entire planet,” Wolfsthal said.

@JBWolfsthal, the 3rd recipient of our Paul Olum grant, brings expertise for a "world free of nuclear weapons".

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