Leave a Legacy of Peace

Do you ever wonder who supports Ploughshares Fund; who are your partners in building a more peaceful and secure world? We raise more than $4 million annually from people just like you—people committed to a world where the threat of nuclear weapons is a thing of the past. Today, we introduce you to one of our longtime supporters and Nuclear-Free Legacy Society members, Mr. Edward Rawson.

Ploughshares Fund: You have a long history of experience with foreign affairs and public policy. What do you believe is the right path forward toward a world without nuclear weapons?

ER: My impression is that most Americans are not familiar with the actual power and possible improvements in the UN, ICC and other organizations. The U.S. has to realize that we have reached the point where new lands are no longer available. This means following the rules of a globalized planet. I think some countries with nuclear weapons will soon realize that these are a financial burden.

PF: You said that nuclear weapons are a financial burden. Cutting the nuclear budget is one of Ploughshares Fund’s short term goals. What do you think about this?

ER: At a time when U.S. finances are the worst they’ve ever been, cutting back nuclear weapons, would produce a much needed savings, as they have been sitting around for a long time.

PF: What would you consider to be smart solutions to increasing disputes between countries, companies or anyone who cannot agree to globalized laws, particularly those with nuclear weapons?

ER: The best way to permanent peace is having the UN provide a good source for convincing quarreling countries with nuclear weapons that they should look to a proper source to resolve their disputes. The main thing to consider is that we now live in a globalized world that moves quite freely and we can have almost instant connections with other people and organizations at any time. It is important that the UN and/or some other organization see to it that proper controls and exchanges are available and used.

Ed Rawson is a member of the Nuclear-Free Legacy Society and has taken out a charitable gift annuity with Ploughshares Fund. A charitable gift annuity is a contract with a nonprofit organization in which you provide a gift and, in exchange, the nonprofit guarantees you a fixed, dependable income for life. You also get the benefit of an immediate charitable income-tax deduction. For more information on charitable gift annuities and other planned gifts, please contact Samara Dun at sdun@ploughshares.org or 415-668-2244.