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Donor Spotlight: Miles Anderson

Miles Anderson

Miles Anderson stumbled upon Ploughshares Fund ten years ago while reading the newspaper. He and his late wife, Erica, both career musicians, were drawn to organizations that represent the values they hold dear. Ploughshares Fund’s positive and hopeful approach to nuclear policy grabbed their attention immediately.

Of the global nuclear arsenal Miles says, “If we had really matured as a species, we would have unilaterally gotten rid of these weapons already. They are useless.”

Miles stands firmly behind Ploughshares Fund’s reputation and funding strategy, perfected over 35 years, and he can’t help but appreciate the broad spectrum of support Ploughshares Fund garners from foreign policy experts such as Secretary George P. Shultz and Secretary William J. Perry.

That’s why Miles continues to support Ploughshares Fund today. And it’s why he and Erica joined the Nuclear-Free Legacy Society in 2012. By including Ploughshares Fund as a beneficiary in their will, they knew they were committing to a more secure future for the next generation.

Miles knows you don’t have to be a millionaire to have a positive impact on the issues you care about – you need only focus your resources on the causes you’re passionate about in the most impactful way.

To join Miles, Erica, and many others, as a member of the Nuclear-Free Legacy Society, please contact Bonnie Fisk at or visit

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