Day #1:Your Window into Nuclear Policy

To say that nuclear weapons policy is complex is a bit of an understatement. Attempting to keep up with what’s happening with North Korea, Pakistan, Iran and Russia can be overwhelming, and the science behind nuclear weapons is an entirely different intricacy. Discussing the differences between ICBMs, MIRVs, and SLBMs isn’t most people’s idea of coffee table banter.

We recognize that this issue has a lot of moving parts. Instead of leaving our supporters to decipher nuclear policy for themselves, we at Ploughshares Fund seek to inform you of the latest and most important happenings through our blog, our daily Early Warning news updates, our newsletters and emails, and articles written by our staff.

Our unique perspective as a bi-coastal funder allows us to step back, look objectively at the most urgent areas of our issue, and then strategically make grants to the smartest people with the best ideas who are able to make an impact in these areas. Because we’ve been working in the peace and security field for 30 years, we know who has the best track record and can discern what projects will work best. We also realize when new ideas are needed and help to bring them into the field. When you donate to Ploughshares Fund, we use 100% of your money to fund carefully selected projects that bring us closer to our goal of eliminating nuclear weapons.

From our office in Washington, DC, we’re able to keep abreast of the daily progress of nuclear weapons policy and let you know what is happening with an insider’s view. But we don’t only care about DC. Our broad base of supporters and grantees across the country connects us to people all over the country. Whether it’s an emergency in Fukushima or a scandal at the Los Alamos National Lab, wherever nuclear news may be happening, our goal is to keep you posted on what we are doing to make a difference.

Photo by peroty