Ben Rhodes and Eric Schlosser Join Ploughshares Fund Board of Directors

We are thrilled that Ben Rhodes and Eric Schlosser are adding their formidable talents to the Ploughshares Fund Board of Directors.
San Francisco, CA & Washington, DC: The global security foundation Ploughshares Fund is pleased to welcome Ben Rhodes and Eric Schlosser to its Board of Directors. Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Schlosser are prominent figures in promoting the elimination of nuclear weapons threats. Rhodes played a central role in developing nuclear policy in our nation’s capital. Schlosser wrote one of the seminal works on the dangers of nuclear weapons and translated it into two critically acclaimed films.  
“We are thrilled that Ben and Eric are adding their formidable talents to the Ploughshares Fund board,” said Ploughshares Fund President Joe Cirincione. “Coupled with the recent addition of Kavita Ramdas, former senior advisor at the Ford Foundation, the Ploughshares Fund board has become one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the field today. We couldn’t ask for a better team to craft our strategy and guide our investments.” 
Rhodes served as the Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications for President Barack Obama. In that position, he advised the president on reestablishing diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba and on negotiating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran. He previously worked for former US Representative Lee Hamilton, helping to craft the Iraq Study Group Report and the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. 
“Ben Rhodes is a skillful communicator and deeply knowledgeable foreign policy expert - a truly rare combination,” said Ploughshares Fund Board Chair Mary Estrin. “Ben’s dedication to advancing American national security through diplomacy is inspiring. I cannot wait to work with him at this critical moment in US history.”  
Schlosser is an acclaimed investigative journalist whose work has earned praise from a wide variety of publications such as The Nation, Fortune, the Financial Times, and the National Review. He is the author of the books Fast Food Nation, Reefer Madness, and Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety. Schlosser was a producer and co-writer of the documentary film Command and Control, which was broadcast on PBS, and co-creator of the multimedia experience the bomb
“Eric’s work has made an unparalleled contribution to raising awareness of the risks posed by nuclear weapons. His compelling narration captured the public’s attention. His comprehensive analysis grounded the debate in facts,” said Ploughshares Fund Board Chair Mary Estrin. “We are honored to have Eric join our board.”
Ploughshares Fund is a global security foundation based in San Francisco, CA, with an office in Washington, DC. Founded in 1981, Ploughshares Fund supports initiatives to reduce and eventually eliminate nuclear weapons. It is the largest US philanthropic organization focused exclusively on nuclear weapons.