Benjamin Loehrke

Senior Policy Analyst
Washington, D.C.

Ben serves as Ploughshares Fund's Senior Policy Analyst. With a background in nuclear and international security policy, his areas of expertise include U.S.-Russia relations, nonstrategic nuclear weapons and U.S. policy towards Iran.

He earned his Masters of Public Policy from the University of Maryland in International Security and Economic Policy with a Certificate in Intelligence Analysis.  He graduated with honors from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Prior to moving to Washington, Ben helped lead a volunteer organization dedicated to rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

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Phone: 202.517.6554
Twitter: @nonstrategic

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Bailout was a naval term before it was a financial term. Bailing out a ship means, essentially, to save a sinking ship by taking a bucket and heaving water overboard. Since the financial collapse, the term has also meant giving taxpayer money to insolvent businesses. So the bailout metaphor is particularly fitting when the Navy appeals to Congress for a taxpayer cash when the cost of new nuclear submarines threatens to sink the Navy’s shipbuilding budget. Read more »
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