Who We Are

Since 1981, Ploughshares Fund has led and supported a community of experts, advocates and analysts to implement smart strategies to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.

As a publicly supported foundation, we have raised over $80 million to fund the smartest people with the best ideas. We’ve leveraged the impact of those funds with our own advocacy, connections, media profile and leadership. Combining high-level advocacy, an enhanced grantmaking capacity and our own expertise, we are enhancing global security.

100% Impact

100% of every dollar donated to Ploughshares Fund goes directly to the world’s smartest and most effective individuals and organizations, thanks to the generous contributions of our Board of Directors and administrative support from our endowment. 

The Smartest People with the Best Ideas

The elimination of nuclear weapons seems like a huge, intractable goal. How can your dollars make a difference? We do the homework for you. Using our own expertise, we identify the most effective strategies. And if we don’t see the right group effort needed to take advantage of today’s policy opportunity? We go out and build it.

The Right Money at the Right Time

Sometimes, opportunities are lost if one has to wait for a proposal deadline. Ploughshares Fund has the ability to turn on a dime with discretionary grants that pay for that last minute plane ticket for the best scientist to present new research at an important conference or the extra call center to get that last Senator’s vote.

Beyond Dollars

Money alone isn’t enough. Beyond the dollars we invest, we leverage our connections across sectors to provide our groups with whatever they need to grow and increase their impact. Using our own connections, lobbying capacity, issue expertise and media savvy, we amplify everyone’s work by connecting them with resources that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.