Funding Priorities

Ploughshares Fund partners with the most promising efforts to realize the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons. 

We give grants that:

  • Promote the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Building a consensus among the world’s leaders creates a global norm against nuclear weapons and increases the momentum toward zero. Along the way, concrete steps to limit and reduce current arsenals must be realized as well. 
  • Prevent the Emergence of New Nuclear States. We focus on the two most significant threats to the global nonproliferation regime – Iran and North Korea.  We believe that, though difficult, solutions are possible through effective diplomacy and engagement grounded in well-informed and strategic analysis. Ploughshares Fund is investing significant resources over the next year on a special Iran Campaign that will promote non-military solutions to the Iran case. 
  • Build Regional Peace and Security. South Asia represents perhaps the most dangerous region on earth given the long-standing conflict between India and Pakistan and the fact that both nations possess substantial nuclear arsenals.  Our investments support fact-finding missions, on-the-ground analysis, high-level dialogue, confidence-building measures, policy advocacy and media outreach to advance the transformation of conflicts in South and Southwest Asia.

We also amplify and coordinate the work of our grantees to

  • Develop winning strategies that push forward the vision of a nuclear-weapons free world
  • Bring together experts, analysts, lobbyists and activists to create and win shared campaigns
  • Build a bipartisan legislative consensus for eliminating nuclear weapons
  • Expand the public’s knowledge and catalyze public support for the elimination of nuclear weapons