What We Do

Ploughshares Fund is not just a foundation. It’s true that we invest in the smartest people with the best ideas for keeping our country safe. But we also bring groups from all across the political spectrum together to pursue common goals. We initiate and lead campaigns when we see gaps in the community. And we amplify the work of our grantees with our own resources:a lively legislative office in Washington, DC, political and media connections and deep expertise.

No other foundation or organization combines these assets. When we deploy them together, it works. 

Big Issues Require Big Thinking

Nuclear weapons present a real and urgent danger, whether they reside in unstable countries or are sought by terrorists. While they once helped guard our security, today they undermine it. That’s why leading thinkers and former Cold Warriors agree – to end the threat of nuclear weapons we must eliminate them altogether.

Ploughshares Fund supports and partners with organizations working to promote the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. Our work aims to:

  • Develop the necessary research to safely eliminate nuclear weapons
  • Build a consensus among world leaders for this new security paradigm
  • Sustain public support for the verifiable elimination of these weapons

A Vision We Can Achieve

We envision a world without nuclear weapons. To get there, we must take concrete steps now:

  • Reduce the numbers of nuclear weapons
  • Prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, especially the tough cases of Iran and North Korea
  • Build security and peace in South Asia, a region where the threats of nuclear weapons, terrorism and conflict converge

Making Good Work Better

We leverage our investments with hands-on activities. Convening. Lobbying. Media commentary. Policy development. Currently, we focus on the following campaign efforts:

  • Decrease the Debt. The U.S. is on track to spend between $620 billion and $661 billion on nuclear weapons and related programs over the next decade.
  • Advance Diplomatic Solutions. Iran presents a serious and complex challenge. To confront its nuclear ambitions, we must strengthen the current two-track strategy of punitive measures and positive inducements. Our goal is to promote diplomatic solutions to:
  1. Reduce tensions between Iran, its neighbors and the West
  2. Reduce the incentives for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon

For all of this work, we support fact-finding missions, on-the-ground analysis, civil society engagement, policy-oriented research, high-level dialogue, policy advocacy, lobbying, media outreach and rapid response in order to shape the debate among policymakers and advance our agenda.