Watching Iran's Missiles

If Iran is on a quest to become a nuclear-armed power, its missiles will reflect its intentions. David Hoffman reports on a new study by the Ploughshares-funded International Institute of Strategic Studies in London in a Foreign Policy post.  "The new study points out that Iran's acquisition of the fissile material for building a nuke -- getting the uranium and plutonium -- is not the only factor worth watching. Iran's missile development ambitions also provide tell-tale clues. For example, are the missiles being built large and powerful enough to carry a nuclear warhead? An important new study just released by the  contains a wealth of detail from open sources about Iran's missile program, and how Iran might match those missiles to a nuclear warhead. The study concludes that Iran is probably aiming first to perfect a solid-fuel, medium-range missile that can carry a nuke to hit regional targets, such as Israel, rather than attempting to launch a continent-spanning weapon aimed at the United States."
Foreign Policy