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Last week’s announcement that the U.S.-South Korea nuclear cooperation agreement would be extended for two additional years dashes the hopes of those South Korean hawks who seek to make their country a nuclear weapons state, at least for the time being. Indeed, the prospect of a nuclear-armed South Korea was so alarming to some that The New York Times ten days earlier published an editorial that came out against a nuclear cooperation agreement that would allow South Korea to enrich uranium and reprocess U.S.-sourced fuel rods to separate plutonium. For many readers, this might have caused a double take when North Korea has been leading the headlines as the region’s nuclear problem. What’s going on? Read more »
Posted by Philip Yun on April 29, 2013
In the wake of last week's election, pundits and politicians alike are starting to think about what the next four years may hold. While not heavily discussed during the campaign, it seems that nuclear policy is coming up high on many people's lists of issues that are likely to receive major presidential attention in the next term. Read more »
Posted by admin on November 12, 2012
Ploughshares Fund grantee, Jeffrey Lewis, broke a major story this week creating headlines around the country. Jeff’s blog, Arms Control Wonk, first reported that the missiles North Korea unveiled in a military parade last week were likely fakes. Nuclear expert Joshua Pollack, a regular contributor to the blog, covered the news, with pictures of the missiles, along with analysis, updates, and input from readers.  Read more »
Posted by Joe Cirincione on April 27, 2012
Experts and policymakers from across the political spectrum agree that there are billions of dollars in savings to be found in the budget for nuclear weapons and their related programs. In a time of fiscal austerity, our country needs to understand the full cost of these programs. To achieve this goal, Ploughshares Fund has become a leading voice in calls for transparency and accountability in the nuclear weapons budget. Read more »
Posted by admin on December 12, 2011