Nuclear Budget

The U.S. nuclear weapons budget is vast, difficult to decipher and rife with waste and excess. Following is analysis and opinion from Ploughshares Fund staff, grantees and guests on the continuing effort to shed light on and ultimately correct the nuclear budget.
  On the radar: Deal or no deal; Nuclear budget shows Cold War thinking; Say no to nukes in Ukraine; Prudence after negotiations; The Rubik’s Cube of a deal; and That time we almost nuked New Jersey.   Read more »
Posted on February 10, 2015
  On the radar: Spectrum of options; Centrifuge and Sanction fixations; Not quite a deadline; Obama’s nuclear buildup; and Iran still doesn’t have an ICBM in 2015.   Read more »
Posted on February 3, 2015
  On the radar: Congress guts nonpro, pluses up weapons spending; US weighing INF options; the JPOA worked; Deputy-level talks slated; IAEA funding; Revisiting the Budapest Memorandum; Iran’s budgets; and Finding the families of U.S. POWs in Hiroshima.   Read more »
Posted on December 11, 2014
  On the radar: New commitments through July; Experts on what next for Iran talks; Navy’s broken budgets; Japan’s growing stockpile of plutonium; Pro-sanctions push starts again; Compensation for sick cold-warriors; and How to nuke a submarine.   Read more »
Posted on December 2, 2014
  On the radar: The president and nuclear promises; Cut nukes, save $50 billion; Iran extension 2.0; the High stakes of a nuclear deal; Examining nuclear deterrence; Iran’s command and control; and a Birds-eye-view of Chernobyl.   Read more »
Posted on December 1, 2014
  On the radar: Going down to the wire; Adversaries brace for a deal, eventually; The real debate is just beginning; Sanctions bring pain to Iran’s middle class; Pyongyang says it wants to talk; and Boozing below the seas.   Read more »
Posted on November 21, 2014
On the radar: DoD nuclear reports released; Throw money at it; Management tweaks; It’s the mission not the missiles; Nuclear bailout sought; Russia ices nonpro cooperation; Preserving momentum in the Iran talks; Why verification is essential for a deal; and Lockheed uses taxpayer money to lobby for more taxpayer money. Read more »
Posted on November 17, 2014
  On the radar: Unnecessary, harmful; 85% of American Jews favor a deal; Iran and Afghanistan; North Korea boosts enrichment; Congress’ lame duck laundry list; Insisting on transparency; Israel’s perspective on a deal; and the Russian piece of the Antares explosion.   Read more »
Posted on November 5, 2014
It is understandable that the American public generally doesn’t know much about nuclear weapons – how many there are, how much they cost, why we still have so many. The topic has not been “news” for most of the past fifteen years or so. Media attention on security issues instead gravitates toward the major crises of the day. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the fight against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the intermittent but predictable Israeli-Palestinian clashes. Read more »
Posted by Paul Carroll on September 23, 2014
It started with one explosion in 1945. An explosion unlike any the world had ever seen. The first nuclear weapon, detonated by the United States, launched an era of nuclear proliferation that persists to this day. With the end of the Cold War, nuclear weapons are increasingly irrelevant, but the threat they represent is still very real. The tide of proliferation has ebbed. Now we have the chance to roll it back to end the threat of nuclear weapons forever. Read more »
Posted by Peter Fedewa on July 1, 2014