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For a sense of what's at stake for nuclear policy in this year's election, consider this: The U.S. government is on track to spend $640 billion over the next 10 years on nuclear weapons and related programs -- more than the military's budget for an entire year. The next president will make key policy decisions early in his term that will have an impact on these budgets and global security more broadly. Read more »
Posted by Joe Cirincione on November 6, 2012
  On the radar: Assessing the nuclear budget; Updated Iran timeline; Replacing the Ohio; Degraded confidence for UPF; Big trouble for big laser; Lingering myth from the Cuban Missile Crisis; BMD cooperation with Russia; and South, that’s right, South Korea increasing missile ranges.   Read more »
Posted on October 9, 2012
On the radar: How they work, and why Iran is a different threat; Technology, common sense blocking adventurism at labs; Misreading the “red lines” of the Cuban Missile Crisis; Scrapping Sturgeons; Obama’s nuclear security record; More than scorpions in bottles; and Creative ways to nuke things other than enemies.   Read more »
Posted on September 19, 2012
Governor Mitt Romney's description, caught on video, of what he considered the real nuclear threat from Iran has further undermined his national security credentials, showing a fundamental misunderstanding of nuclear threats. Iran's nuclear program has nothing to do with dirty bombs. Terrorists would not use uranium -- from Iran or anywhere else -- in a dirty bomb. It is unclear if Gov. Romney was just riffing, or if his advisors had fed him this line of attack. Read more »
Posted by Joe Cirincione on September 19, 2012
On the radar: Triad costs getting prohibitive; Romney on an Iranian dirty bomb; Iran’s decreased 20% stockpile; Ashton talks talks; TVA shies away from MOX; and Iran can’t stand it, knows you planned it.   Read more »
Posted on September 18, 2012
Foreign policy has been the hot topic on the campaign trail recently, with President Obama and Governor Romney making several public appearances – and trading jabs – in an attempt to build support leading up to the November election. Read more »
Posted by Joe Cirincione on July 26, 2012
On the radar: Cartwright and Pickering testify on a smaller, less costly force; GBIs are expensive; Sally Ride; Update from Istanbul; Romney on nuclear policy; Congressman Dicks on nuclear cuts; Sub worker fired, soon incarcerated; and Kim Jong-Un, married man.   Read more »
Posted on July 25, 2012