Welcome to 1962. Slick back your hair, grab a scotch, and don’t forget to triple check that route to the nearest Fallout Shelter. It is October after all, the month in which the US and the Soviet Union came closer to nuclear war than any other time in history. The nation held its breath as President John F. Kennedy faced off with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in waters just offshore of Cuba. Read more »
Posted by Jessica Sleight on October 15, 2012
On the radar: How they work, and why Iran is a different threat; Technology, common sense blocking adventurism at labs; Misreading the “red lines” of the Cuban Missile Crisis; Scrapping Sturgeons; Obama’s nuclear security record; More than scorpions in bottles; and Creative ways to nuke things other than enemies.   Read more »
Posted on September 19, 2012