South Asia

  On the radar: Endangering the deal; IAEA gives good marks to Iran; Troubles in the Air Force; Talks continue; End states with Iran; New polling data; Senators come out against new sanctions; Rouhani in Davos; and India’s new SSBN goes to sea.   Read more »
Posted on January 23, 2014
  On the radar: Sherman on the US negotiating position; Trouble on Rouhani’s right; India going for MIRV; and When Israel stepped back from the brink.   Read more »
Posted on October 4, 2013
  On the radar: Tangled web of sanctions; Nuclear shutdown; Obama and Netanyahu; Ashton on talks; and Subcontinent summitry.   Read more »
Posted on October 1, 2013
  On the radar: NYT on foreign policy priorities; U.S. interests in a deal with Iran; Just do it; Outlook for Mid-East WMDFZ; Iran talks Parchin; and Pakistani and Indian Scientists on the bomb.   Read more »
Posted on November 12, 2012
Things have changed since 1962. Hippies have given way to hipsters, cellphones give you the news faster than the local news team can, only two Beatles are left, and the Soviet Union doesn’t even exist anymore. The Cold War atmosphere has evaporated and the risk of all-out nuclear war has dramatically decreased. However, a similar type of nuclear crisis that happened in Cuba in 1962 unfortunately could still happen today. Read more »
Posted by Jessica Sleight on October 25, 2012
  On the radar: Talk of talks with Iran; Candidates’ opportunity on arms control; Tell me how this ends; Russia tests triad; Ohio by way of Virginia; Toward a modern US nuclear posture; Lessons on Iran from 50 years ago; Russia sells missiles to India; and Palomares still not cleaned up.   Read more »
Posted on October 22, 2012
  On the radar: Pifer and O’Hanlon on arms control; Avoiding a repeat of the Iraq debacle; Ohio-class replacement; D’Agostino and Albright on NIF; McNamara on abolishing nuclear weapons; CMRR reprogramming stalled; and Strengthening India-Pakistan trade.   Read more »
Posted on October 19, 2012
On the radar: Costs and benefits of 8 approaches; Israeli Foreign ministry contradicts Israeli PM on sanctions; Sec. Harold Brown on nuclear war-planning; China-India Nuclear Crossroads; ICBM C2; Last Resort tonight at 8:00; and The Onion’s take on Ahmadinejad’s speech.   Read more »
Posted on September 27, 2012
As the threat of a nuclear Iran dominates the nonproliferation arena, India and Pakistan are quietly, but significantly, expanding their nuclear weapons arsenals. A new report released this month on India’s nuclear forces by Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris in the Ploughshares-supported Bulletin of Atomic Scientists underscored the fast pace of India’s nuclear modernization. Read more »
Posted by Leah Fae Cochran on August 13, 2012
On the radar: Coming clean to the IAEA; the Problems with loose war talk; a Personal account from July 16, 1945; India’s developing arsenal; Kim Jong-Un purges top official; Another former Israeli official opposes strikes; and Why a Nuke Won’t Stop a Hurricane.   Read more »
Posted on July 16, 2012