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  On the radar: Hanford site still a mess; Navy pushes back on sub costs; The meaning of Marivan; Paying for nonproliferation; and Norwegian Band of Brothers.   Read more »
Posted on December 17, 2014
  On the radar: Congress guts nonpro, pluses up weapons spending; US weighing INF options; the JPOA worked; Deputy-level talks slated; IAEA funding; Revisiting the Budapest Memorandum; Iran’s budgets; and Finding the families of U.S. POWs in Hiroshima.   Read more »
Posted on December 11, 2014
  On the radar: Assessing the Iran negotiations; Action items from Vienna; Vienna recap; Perspective on sneakout; Nuclear smugglers; Declining oil prices pinch Iran; and this isn’t Cold War redux.   Read more »
Posted on December 10, 2014
  On the radar: Statement to Vienna; What’s happening in Vienna right now; South Asian arms race picking up pace; Uranium smugglers apprehended; China’s sub fleet; Diplomatic flexibility needed; and Nuclear cleanup bills mounting for U.S.   Read more »
Posted on December 9, 2014
  On the radar: Sen. Corker on sanctions; Kerry on timeline; Interim deal better than none; More than just Iran; Sanctions and Arak; Vienna conference underway; Vestiges of the Cold War; and Nuclear contractors hit with $54 million fine.   Read more »
Posted on December 8, 2014
  On the radar: Sanctions hawks walked back; Corker on new legislation; After a deal gets inked; Forbes on new boomers; Iran’s oil woes; Russia’s contribution to Iran talks; the Humanitarian impact of nukes; and UK also finding out that nukes are expensive.   Read more »
Posted on December 5, 2014
  On the radar: Force in crisis; Budget conflict on horizon; Carter in a tough spot; First missileer courtmartialed; SecAF not worried about getting cash; Rice defends diplomacy; Paul opposes sanctions; Menendez moves to undercut negotiators; Mobile ICBMs still a bad idea; NDAA heads to the Senate; and North Korea doesn’t like getting made fun of.   Read more »
Posted on December 3, 2014
  On the radar: New commitments through July; Experts on what next for Iran talks; Navy’s broken budgets; Japan’s growing stockpile of plutonium; Pro-sanctions push starts again; Compensation for sick cold-warriors; and How to nuke a submarine.   Read more »
Posted on December 2, 2014
  On the radar: The president and nuclear promises; Cut nukes, save $50 billion; Iran extension 2.0; the High stakes of a nuclear deal; Examining nuclear deterrence; Iran’s command and control; and a Birds-eye-view of Chernobyl.   Read more »
Posted on December 1, 2014
  On the radar: Delicate balance; If talks fail; Racing domestic politics; Experts chime in; An Iran deal and the NPT; and Nuclear weapons projects are awful at cost estimation.   Read more »
Posted on November 26, 2014