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  On the radar: What you need to know about the extension; a Step in the right direction; Putting a lid on Iran’s nuclear program; What no Iran deal would mean; The extension, in perspective; European Union continues to hold off sanctions; Push to modernize nuke facilities; and Radiation leak rewarded with big bucks.   Read more »
Posted on July 22, 2014
  On the radar: JPOA extended to November; Iran eliminates sensitive stockpile; Looking ahead; Ashton to stick around; Congress needs to be part of the solution; the Anti-diplomacy lobby; Polling Trident; and Legislators threaten New START.   Read more »
Posted on July 22, 2014
  On the radar: Gone til November; President Obama outlines opportunity; Secretary Kerry outlines parameters of deal; Experts support extension; Reactions from the Hill; Editorial board roundup; and Resources to help make sense of it all.   Read more »
Posted on July 19, 2014
  On the radar: Keep negotiating; Sanctions are bad for business; Troubled Malmstrom A.F.B. to get larger staff; Restarting Chinese nuclear cooperation; and a BuzzFeed explanation of the Iran negotiations.   Read more »
Posted on July 18, 2014
  On the radar: Why we should keep fighting for a deal; Obama mulls an extension; Avoiding war by making a deal; the Argument for putting Iran’s PMDs behind us; an Iranian political prisoner on why we need a deal; a Realist’s perspective on dealmaking; Seeking Catherine Ashton’s replacement; the Pitfalls of a smaller non-proliferation budget; U.S. nuclear weapons lab flunks safety inspection; Increasing cooperation on nuclear forensics; Hand over fist for GBMD; Still paying for mothballed MOX; and Building new tools for nuclear verification.   Read more »
Posted on July 17, 2014
  On the radar: Gaps closing as time draws near; Sticking points; Keep talking; Security and human rights; Why ‘breakout’ is a bad metric; Sanctions’ unintended consequences; Disaster-at-sea, nuclear edition; and the Solid rocket fuel blues.   Read more »
Posted on July 16, 2014
  On the radar: Americans widely favor an Iran deal; Kerry from Vienna; Congress taking steering wheel from negotiators; How to ease sanctions under deal; Iran hints at concession; Tea leaves on extension; Iran sanctions have hurt the U.S. economy too; and Nuclear subs sink Navy Destroyer budget.   Read more »
Posted on July 15, 2014
  On the radar: Iraq and an Iran deal; Kerry and Zarif meet; Zarif renews pledge; Iran keeps to JPOA; Layered negotiations; Congress and an extension; UK paper on Iran; No Iranian ICBM in 2015; SecAF’s turbulent first months; N. Korea continues to launch missiles at water; Activists call for new UPF environmental impact study; and Indecision on GBIs.   Read more »
Posted on July 14, 2014
  On the radar: The key to solving the Iran nuclear puzzle; Iran signals Fordow compromise; Congress wants say on the deal; Russia’s optimism; About that uranium in Iraq; Iran and an international nuclear fuel bank; U.S.-China cooperation; and the Next U.S. ambassador to Russia.   Read more »
Posted on July 11, 2014
  On the radar: Boomer dives into slush fund; Bomber in stealth mode; Hagel at SSBN base; Cutting nuclear waste; Sending ministers to Vienna; Iraq loses some uranium compounds, inks nuclear security treaty; MOX in veto threat; Safety concerns at Hanford; and All of the problems with the NNSA in one graphic.   Read more »
Posted on July 10, 2014