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  On the radar: The Unaffordable Arsenal; Nasr says now or never on a deal; JPOA compliance; ABCs on Iran’s program; US-UK nuclear deal; and Report on Hanford whistleblower firing.   Read more »
Posted on October 21, 2014
On the radar: Presidential authorities at first; Congressional role later; Iran seeks deal by deadline; Ashton sticking around; and Leon Panetta and why it’s time to end the term “nuclear umbrella.” Read more »
Posted on October 20, 2014
  On the radar: Verification is key; Proposals floated; Arak remains an issue; Tehran’s gambit; Obama’s reductions record; Pentagon can’t have it all; Defending Seoul; and Secretary Kerry hitches a ride.   Read more »
Posted on October 17, 2014
  On the radar: Progress being made, time short; Negative rhetoric does not match reality; Setting a timeline for sanctions relief; Obsessing over PMD; Beijing’s golden anniversary; and Obama’s nuclear legacy.   Read more »
Posted on October 16, 2014
On the radar: Agreement in sight, few details remain; Rep. Holt on a deal; Kerry on the Prospects; Hypersonic race; PMD in perspective; and WMD in Iraq. For real this time. Read more »
Posted on October 15, 2014
  On the radar: Triad overhaul imperils other priorities; $10-$20 billion for ALCM warhead; Not time to meddle with New START; Russia can’t afford its military plans either; Rouhani confident on deal, Zarif optimistic; Public opinion in Iran and Israel; Including China in arms control talks; and Kim limps into view.   Read more »
Posted on October 14, 2014
  On the radar: A couple buildings go missing; Satellite imagery analysis; Iran talks extension floated; Iranian politics getting nasty; Something afoot with Kim; China and arms control; and Aegis ashore in Romania.   Read more »
Posted on October 10, 2014
On the radar: Disappointing numbers, but think bigger picture; Russia’s nukes unaffordable; Parchin explosion analysis; Blocked from Tehran; Oil and Iran’s economy; Israel’s nukes set sail, and where in the world is Kim Jong Un? Read more »
Posted on October 9, 2014
  On the radar: Khamenei’s positioning; Flexibility needed; About more than just technical details; Considering potential deals, alternatives; and a Tireless diplomat.   Read more »
Posted on October 8, 2014
  On the radar: Russia also can’t fulfill its upgrade plans; North Korean disappearing acts; Latency with attitude; the Adverse effect of sanctions on aid; Germany’s MEADS decision pending, and #NothingButOctober.   Read more »
Posted on October 7, 2014