Bill Luers

  On the radar: Pickering, Luers, Lugar, Hayden and others on Iran; POTUS on DPRK; Brooks on nuclear policy; Reality check on missile defense; Tehran’s technology; View from Korean Peninsula; ICBM budget; and After upheaval, what happens to the nukes?   Read more »
Posted on April 17, 2013
The Iran Project, a group of leading national security experts and former officials, and a grantee of Ploughshares Fund, has published a new report about the costs and benefits of international sanctions against Iran. The report, endorsed by 38 leading national security figures, springs from the observation that “the costs of sanctions themselves are not routinely addressed in the public or policymaking debate.” Read more »
Posted by Yelena Altman on December 7, 2012
A quick scan of daily headlines will prove that there has been no shortage of debate over Iran’s nuclear program. The trouble is, the debate thus far has been “fact-free, partisan, and not very nuanced,” as MIT professor Jim Walsh commented yesterday at the launch of a new report from The Iran Project. Read more »
Posted by Leah Fae Cochran on September 14, 2012