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Philip is Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Ploughshares Fund, overseeing the organization’s entire range of day-to-day activities, including grantmaking, communications, financial management and fundraising.  He is an experienced executive and former policymaker who has also worked extensively in academia, business, international diplomacy, nonprofits and government.
Last week’s announcement that the U.S.-South Korea nuclear cooperation agreement would be extended for two additional years dashes the hopes of those South Korean hawks who seek to make their country a nuclear weapons state, at least for the time being. Indeed, the prospect of a nuclear-armed South Korea was so alarming to some that The New York Times ten days earlier published an editorial that came out against a nuclear cooperation agreement that would allow South Korea to enrich uranium and reprocess U.S.-sourced fuel rods to separate plutonium. For many readers, this might have caused a double take when North Korea has been leading the headlines as the region’s nuclear problem. What’s going on? Read more »
Posted by Philip Yun on April 29, 2013
Now that the 2012 elections are over and the results are in, the nation’s capital is getting back to the business of policymaking. And, certainly, it seems that policymakers are energized and ready to go. And so are we!  Read more »
Posted by Philip Yun on November 21, 2012
I just returned from a week in Beijing. What a change. Scores of modern skyscrapers with international brand names and products emblazoned atop have sprung up where none existed as little as five years ago. Shining shopping malls are filled with the latest fashions and products.  Streets are choked with thousands of cars and buses where packs of bicycles and motorcycles once ruled. Read more »
Posted by Philip Yun on November 14, 2012
Like a big ship, even a country ruled by dictator cannot turn on a dime. It takes time and careful planning to change direction. Is it possible that a course change may be happening in repressive North Korea under its new leader Kim Jong Un? Read more »
Posted by Philip Yun on August 20, 2012
Everyone’s talking about North Korea’s missile launch this week. And sure, it’s a big deal, but it’s not the end of the world. Here’s some quick behind-the-news perspectives to help parse facts from fear-mongering. Read more »
Posted by Philip Yun on April 11, 2012
Kim Jong Il has been dead eight weeks, and commentators are still treating his successor, Kim Jong Un, as if he’s the latest celebrity teen star. But there’s more at stake than speculation over the young Kim’s staying power. Despite the understandable preoccupation with Iran and the specter of a European economic collapse, we are about to repeat past mistakes by ignoring a rogue state that already possesses nuclear weapons. This failure to be more proactive is likely to end in a different kind of bad news — another nuclear test. Read more »
Posted by Philip Yun on February 7, 2012
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